​​"I used to watch an occasional episode of Hoarders to determine whether I fit the criteria. Since it's possible to walk through most of my house, I thought I might not be that far gone -- yet. However, I felt overwhelmed by piles of papers and "stuff" I couldn't seem to tame. Peggy assured me that I am NOT a hoarder, and went right to the business of helping me sort through the massive piles and overstuffed file drawers. She is expert at knowing what needs to be kept, what can be discarded, and what old documents must be shredded. After two sessions with Peggy, I began to feel that I could regain control of my surroundings. I am likely to ask for her help again, as I approach the overwhelming task of preparing to move to a smaller home. Thanks, Peggy. I'm sure I will call on you again." - Barb Fisher, Mesa, AZ

"Peggy is amazingly good at helping you de-clutter.  She is so very well organized that it just makes the whole process easier than you can imagine.  She helped me get rid of 10 pickup truckloads of donations and a driveway full of things to toss. I had tried unsuccessfully for years to do it myself but it was so much easier with Peggy's help.  You really must try her services if you want to get that feeling of spaciousness.  You will breathe easier when the clutter that causes stress and depression leaves your house!  She lives in Ahwatukee and you won't find a nicer person to help you." - Chere Crandall, Ahwatukee, AZ

 "I wish I had known about Peggy and her services earlier.  We talked on the phone as I told her we needed to downsize and she came out within a day to see our home.  We worked for three or four hours each day because it was a lot for me to process.  The fact that Peggy took time to let me deal emotionally with some things made me feel like she heard me. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and professionalism and recommend her to anyone who needs to sort out a lifetime." -Sincerely, Mary Ellen D., Tempe, AZ

"I needed Peggy's help organizing my son's room.  His room had so many items and toys, they were overflowed in the baskets and his closet doors could not close.  Peggy was great at clearing out the clutter.  Not only is the closet beautifully organized, but he no longer needs those baskets!  The result was better than I imagined!  We did it all in just 3 hours too!!!  If I didn't have her help who knows how long that project would have dragged on as well." -Lorraine McWhorter, Scottsdale, AZ