Everyone Deserves a Do Over!

During my time at hospice as a volunteer, a CNA (aide) and Volunteer Coordinator, I have been inside over a thousand homes in twenty-seven years. I have seen too many families shouldered with the task of sorting, keeping or clearing the years and years of accumulated family possessions during a difficult stressful time.

There are life changes, couples age, families discover their loved one can no longer stay at home safely and must live in an assisted living scenario and must downsize. Sometimes a loved one has a serious condition and does not return. There are too many possessions that have history and significance but must be dealt with and all too often, quickly.

With a background in hospice, I can look with an open mind and empathetic heart to people who need to purge, a third party with no emotional attachment who can look at the situation clearly.

Tackling the situation by yourself can be daunting, exhausting, time consuming, overwhelming and paralyzing. I can help from a simple garage cleanout to an entire home of possessions giving you an organized home and a fresh beginning,

Do Over Home Organization can help with large dumpster removal, truck pickup for donated items, shredding of personal documents and Estate Sales Professionals who can provide an in-home sale in one day.

Please call for a free consultation, personalized friendly service and I'll help you to an organized way of life and yes, everyone deserves a Do Over!